Fellows Meet in Lusaka, Zambia for Skill-building Workshop

February 11, 2016

UnknownLusaka, Zambia—Twenty-five Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa fellows met in Lusaka at the start of the new year to continue honing their research skills and refining their dissertation topics under the supervision of senior African faculty serving as workshop mentors. The meeting was held in conjunction with the Southern African Institute for Policy and Research.

This was the eighth skill-building workshop held by The Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa program— a tried and tested component of the Next Generation model, which deepens networks across the African academy while providing valuable research mentoring. Fellows worked in small groups over the course of five days, partaking in evocative discussions about how their research fits into the broader themes of their respective discipline and addressed critical issues facing African societies. Fellows also participated in hands-on, peer-led groups in which they systematically critiqued, reworked, and rewrote their dissertation abstracts and research concepts. At the close of the five days, the fellows wielded a newly fashioned dissertation abstract and a more cohesive view of their dissertation topic.