Next Gen Fellow, Godfrey Maringira, Writes on Azania People’s Liberation Army in Kujenga Amani

May 15, 2015

8072105386_92b87eb091_b-Copy-700x300Cape Town, South Africa— Godfrey Maringira, a 2012-2013 Dissertation Research fellow, and a 2013-2014 Dissertation Completion fellow, has published an article with the Social Science Research Council African Peacebuilding Network on their digital forum, Kujenga Amani. Kujena Amani is a forum to exchange ideas and information about peacebuilding in Africa, connecting researchers, practitioners, and policymakers on the diverse challenges and innovative research taking place about peacebuilding on the continent.

Godfrey received an African Peacebuilding Network individual research grant in 2014, continuing his research on ex-combatants in South Africa. He refined his PhD thesis on this same topic as a Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa fellow.

Godfrey's piece in Kujena Amani, entitled "Journeys of Peace: Ex-combatants from Azania People's Liberation Army in South Africa" challenges the widely held, and what Godfrey describes as "narrow," view that ex-combatants have remained violent actors in post-apartheid South Africa. He has worked on this topic diligently since beginning his graduate studies. To read more about Godfrey's work, read an interview with him in the Next Gen Spotlight gallery.