This section features scholarly and popular writing from Next Generation Social Sciences fellows.

Steve Ouma Akoth

steveAkoth, Steve Ouma. 2014. "Human Rights Critique in Post-Colonial Africa: Practices Among Luo in Western Kenya," Anthropology Southern Africa, 37:1-2, 94-106. Akoth, Steve Ouma. 2014. "World of Human Rights: Ambiguities of Rights Claiming in Africa" Anthropology Southern Africa, 37:1-2, 140-142.

Edmore Chitukutuku

Chitukutuku, Edmore. 2017. "Rebuilding the liberation war base: materiality and landscapes of violence in Northern Zimbabwe." Journal of East African Studies. 11(1), 133-150.



Yaliwe Clarke

yaliwe-clarkeClarke, Yaliwe. 2013. “Gender and Peacebuilding: Conceptual Questions,"  African Journal of Peace and Conflict, Vol 6. University for Peace, Costa Rica.

Isaac Dery


Ganle, J. K., Dery, I., Manu, A. A., & Obeng, B. (2016). ‘If I go with him, I can't talk with other women’: Understanding women's resistance to, and acceptance of, men's involvement in maternal and child healthcare in northern Ghana." Social Science & Medicine, 166, 195-204.
Dery, Isaac. 2016. “Access to and Control Over Land as Gendered: Contextualising Women’s Access and Ownership Rights of Land in Rural Ghana,” Africanus, 45(2), 28-48

Bernadine Jones

Jones, Bernadine. 2016. "Television news and the digital environment: A triadic multimodal approach for analysing moving image media." African Journalism Studies. 37(2), 116-137

Siphokazi Magadla

0387adc Magadla, Siphokazi. 2014. "The Bloemhof Incident: Affirmative Action in Death Row," Al Jazeera. Magadla, Siphokazi. 2014. "Another Five Years of Jacob Zuma," Al Jazeera.
Magadla, Siphokazi. 2014. "Beyond 'Rebels' and 'Terrorists': On the Chibok Girls and Post-9/11 Militarism," The South African Civil Society Information Service.
Magadla, Siphokazi with Makhunga, Lindiwe D.. 2014. "Joyce Banda, Neither Saint Nor Sinner," Thought Leader, Mail and Guardian.

Lindiwe D. Makhunga

Makhunga, Lindiwe D. 2014. "South African Parliament and Blurred Lines: The ANC Women's League and the African National Congress' Gendered Political Narrative," Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity, Vol 28. Taylor & Francis.
Makhunga, Lindiwe D. with Magadla, Siphokazi. 2014. "Joyce Banda, Neither Saint Nor Sinner," Thought Leader, Mail and Guardian.

 Godfrey Maringira

Godfrey-MaringiraMaringia, Godfrey. 2014. "It's in My Blood," Armed Forces and Society, 41: 1, 23-42. Sage Journals.
Maringia, Godfrey. 2014. "Militarized Minds: The Lives of Ex-Combatants in South Africa," Sociology,0038038514523698. Sage Journals.

Kathleen Lorne McDougall

kathleen McDougall, Kathleen Lorne. 2014. "Just Living: Genealogic, Honesty and The Politics of Apartheid Time," Anthropology Southern Africa, 37:1-2, 19-29.
Ross, Fiona C., Henderson, Patricia, McDougall, Kathleen Lorne, and Cousins, Thomas. 2014."Not Knowing Endings: An Epilogue," Anthropology Southern Africa, 37:1-2, 62-67.

Ruth Murambadoro


Murambadoro, Ruth. 2016. "To Remain Silent is a Position": A Look into the #ThisFlag citizen's movement in Zimbabwe." Kujenga Amani
Murambadoro, Ruth. 2014. "The Politics of Reconciliation in Zimbabwe: Three Times Failure - Will the Fourth Time Count?" Kujenga Amani
Murambadoro, Ruth. 2015. “We cannot reconcile until the past has been acknowledged:’ Perspectives of Gukurahundi from Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.” African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 47 (1): 31-52

Leigh-Ann Naidoo


Naidoo, Leigh-Ann. 2016. “We shall not be moved or led astray: The emergence of the 2015 student movement.” New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy, Issue 60, Fourth Quarter.

Naidoo, Leigh-Ann. 2016. “Soweto Anniversary: Is our 1976 moment still to come?International Viewpoint Online Magazine

Naidoo, Leigh-Ann. 2015. “Needing to learn: #RhodesMustFall and the decolonization of the university,” Independent Thinking (2nd Edition). Pretoria: Department of Higher Education and Training

Henry Obi

henryObi, Henry. 2016. “Syncretic Arenas: Essays on Postcolonial African Drama and Theatre for Esiaba Irobi,” South African Theatre Journal.




Eric Ochen

Ochen, Eric. 2014. "Traditional Acholi Mechanisms for Reintergrating Uganda Child Abductees,"Anthropology Southern Africa, 37: 3-4, 239-251.

Ebunoluwa Popoola

ebun Popoola, Ebunoluwa. 2014. "Contested Ecologies: Dialogues in The South on Nature and Knowledge," Anthropology Southern Africa, 37: 3-4, 270-272.

Madalitso Phiri

Phiri, Madalitso Zililo and Macheve Jr, Antonio. 2014. "Mozambique's Peace Decades Since the End of the Conflict: Inclusive or Managed Democracy?" African Journal on Conflict Resolution, Vol 14, No 1 African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD).

Yusuf Serunkuma

yusuf Serunkuma, Yusuf. 2016. “Burundi: The Problem with Give War a Chance,” Kujenga Amani

Nathaniel Umukoro

Umukoro, Nathaniel. 2013. "Poverty and Social Protection in Nigeria," Journal of Developing Studies, Vol 29 No 3.